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The "Falco" novels
by Lindsey Davis, Published by Arrow Books

Enjoy detective fiction, historical novels, dry humour, romance? If you say "yes" to any or all of these, you will love Lindsey Davis's "Falco" series. Marcus Falco is a Roman private eye, with a sardonic sense of humour and a heart of gold. As well as enjoying the plots, you will meet his large and eccentric family, and a cast of dubious characters from slaves to senators. A prickly but gentle love story runs right through the series: they meet in the first novel, The Silver Pigs, and by the most recent, Saturnalia, they have been together for eight years.

Juliet Brown, 28 March 2008

Porridge and Passion
by Jonathan Aitken

This is a follow-up to his book Pride and Perjury. In the first book he told of the events leading up to his committing perjury and his remorse and repentance toward God and his conversion to faith in Christ. In ‘Porridge and Passion’ the author gives a graphic account of his experiences in prison. He tells how, on his release, he studied for a theology degree at Oxford and became a lay preacher and evangelist. He now has opportunities to visit and speak to prisoners.

Mary Day, 24 March 2008

More Die of Heartbreak
by Saul Bellow, Published by Penguin Books

The author says that portions of his novel are derived from real events, but that the characters are a composite, drawn from several individuals and from his imagination. I feel as though I have met a Benn Crader once or twice. A peaceful and contemplative man, a botanist, Benn finds himself married to the amazing and rich social climber, Matilda Layamon. It is a story that is both funny and sad, sweet and very sour. It is immensely entertaining.

Shirley Burnham, 1 March 2008