Friends'  Events:  March to December 2008


Reg. Charity
No. 280093

Photography Competition - Awards Ceremony

We were delighted to welcome the winners to our Awards Ceremony on 12th December at the offices of the Swindon Advertiser. Tobias Robins, who judged the competition, awarded the trophies and certificates. Recipients were particularly pleased to hear Tobias's comments about their work and to learn why their particular photographic entry had been selected for a prize. Interviews with the winners may be heard on Swindon 105.5 Community Radio.  Our thanks to the Editor and staff of the Swindon Advertiser for inviting us to present these awards at their offices in Old Town.

Those attending were pleased to meet representatives of Swindon's Library Service and members of the Press, from the Advertiser and The Handy Mag. Thank you to all our winners and our very best wishes for the future.  We thank Mr Richard Deacon for his kind contribution to the awards for our Grand Final winners.  A gallery of all the entries to the competition is now featured on this website.

Award for Writing Competitions 2008

Luke Pevreal of Commonweal School, formerly of King William Street School, was presented with a special award by Shirley Ludford at the same Awards Ceremony on 12th December :  for winning the Junior Writing Competition the greatest number of times this year and in recognition of his work in promoting the cause of Old Town Library on Swindon's 105.5 Community Radio.

Valuation of your Small Antiques & Collectibles
held with Prospect Hospice, on 25th September
at Mackenzie's in Old Town.

Please Click Here to see:   A Gallery of Photographs


The event was great
fun and we raised £287,
of which £200 has been
donated to Prospect

We are very grateful to
Gael Mackenzie for
inviting us to hold our event
in Mackenzie's, and to Anne
Snelgrove MP for coming
along to support us.

We particularly thank Charles Wells and Sue Blacker of Kidson-Trigg, Richard
Deacon and Mrs Joy Deacon who appraised all the items.

Old Town Festival Procession, June 2008

Our entry was led by Trevor and Louise King, carrying a magnificent red banner, followed by characters including Darth Vader, Anakin, a diminutive pirate,
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and other loyal supporters. The theme of the
Friends’ float was ‘Books Are Bliss’. Click here to see photographs of the event,
for which we thank Pete Day.

Launch Party on 19th March, 2008

Click here to go to our Picture Gallery, and see how much fun we all had.

Swindon Festival of Literature, May 2008

We thank Matt Holland and the Library Service for holding an event for 'children and grownups' in the library. The children were held spellbound by Matt's storytelling and much enjoyed the live guitar music and songs.

Art Competition for Schools

Prize and Certificate Winners ... If you click here, you can find your picture!