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Daughters of Britannia
by Katie Hickman, Published by Flamingo

This is a lovely book : describing diplomatic life as experienced by wives, daughters and sisters who accompanied their men to far-flung places. It is well written, well researched, funny and fascinating. These women were faced with extraordinary situations and dealt with what life threw at them with great strength of character.

Rachel Philips, 12 November 2008

The Summer of a Dormouse
by John Mortimer, Published by Penguin Books

The creator of Horace Rumpole and Leslie Titmuss is determined to enjoy the remainder of his life to the full. To read this book was such a pleasure. It is a very funny and wise account of a year spent growing old.

Mary Rathbone, 19 October 2008

by Robert Harris, Published by Hutchinson

This is a great history, but also an exciting thriller. There's plenty of action, all based on serious research so, although you are reading a work of fiction, you know you are reading about the real Roman world in the first century. I recommend it!

David E Brown, 6 September 2008

Hot Six   a 'Stephanie Plum' novel
by Janet Evanovich, Published by St Martin's Press

If you like a story that moves along fast, with some danger, a bit risque and with a lot of laughs along the way, you will love this book. I read it on my holidays and it was just the thing to keep me in holiday mood. Stephanie Plum is a one-off, a bounty hunter and sleuth with 'attitude'. It was funny that other Brits near me on the beach misread the title, so eyebrows were raised and conversations between us began! The author, Janet Evanovich, has won many awards for her work and, if you enjoy this one, there are several other novels in the series that are equally good.

Geoff Handy, 14 August 2008