Question to Scrutiny Committee : 16 February 2009


Swindon Borough Council Scrutiny Committee, Monday 16 February 2009
Public Question Time : Mrs. Shirley Burnham  -  Cabinet Agenda Item 7 : Old Town Library.

Details of the proposals with regard to Old Town Library have now been considered by Cabinet.  At the Cabinet meeting I asked a question to seek clarification regarding the public consultation process that should take place before the decision is implemented, but was given an unsatisfactory and unclear answer.

Can the Scrutiny Committee please seek clarification from Cabinet that 'proper consultation with the public' will be undertaken before the implementation of this decision and provide details of how and when this consultation process will operate ?

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Answer to Question & Some Responses at Scrutiny Committee

The Chair of Scutiny Committee confirmed that Shirley's question would be returned to Councillor Nick Martin in Cabinet for a more considered response.

Subsequently, when questioned by the Chair about consultation with public if the proposals for Old Town Library result in its closure, Councillor Nick Martin responded that there will be NO consultation, as consultation has been undertaken for the past 12 months.

When questioned by the Chair about the provision of the Mobile Library Service for Even Swindon residents, Councillor Nick Martin confirmed that there is plenty of slack in the system and that the Mobile Library will serve the residents of Even Swindon for the ten hours per week that constitutes their library's current opening hours.

Shirley left the Committee Room at 7.30 p.m. as she felt that there was no advantage in listening further to Councillor Martin's comments.

We trust that this record is correct.  These responses were a small part of the many matters discussed at the meeting.  They are recorded from memory.

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