Question to Cabinet and Answer 21 January 2009


Swindon Borough Council Cabinet Meeting, 21 January 2009, Public Question Time
Ms. Shirley Burnham  -  Libraries and the possible closure of Old Town Library.

Question to Cabinet

Councillor Nick Martin received an e-mail on 3rd January which expressed an Old Town resident's concerns most politely in a total of six paragraphs.  I can quote the resident's e-mail, should Cabinet wish to
hear it.

Could Councillor Martin kindly translate his reply into plain English, explain to me exactly what he meant and point out how his reply addressed his correspondent's concerns. Please find below the reply to which I refer :

Thank you for your letter. Library services have recently been vastly increased and the revenue budget of the central library is 300,000 greater than 2 years ago. It is therefore natural that the old service locations should be reviewed in context with the 2009 offering.
Cllr. Nick Martin "

Supplementary Question

>Has any Member of the Cabinet received an offer of assistance from a Consultant wishing to help the Council identify other ways in which savings might be made in the Library Budget, in order to allow Old Town Library to continue to exist with its current staff.  And, if so, has that offer been taken up?

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