Economic Environmental & Sustainability Overview
and Scrutiny Committee : 22nd September 2009



Question :

"As the Council has de-staffed Walcott Library, replaced Gorse Hill's static library with the mobile service, intends to remove a staff member from Even Swindon and Old Town and implement radical changes to the structure and location of Old Town Library -- in the absence of a Library Strategy that was the subject of consultation -- Would the Chair kindly request the Cabinet Lead Member to clarify whether Cabinet announced its plans for Old Town Library without having laid the groundwork for moving it to the Arts Centre and ask her to reassure residents publicly that Cabinet and Council are not going to do a U-turn now, nor in the next budget round?"

The Lead Member for Libraries, Councillor Foley, responded :

The Lead Member said she is proud of the Council's investment in libraries and listed those that had benefitted.  She stated that there will be no U-turn re Old Town Library : not now, nor in the next budget round, nor as long as she holds the portfolio for Libraries.   "Not on my watch".

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