Statement to Open Forum 11 February 2009


which preceded the Swindon Borough Council Cabinet Meeting, 11 February 2009

This week, a council in Merseyside voted to close 11 public libraries across the Wirral, despite an unprecedented campaign by local residents, parents and children.  The Council in the Wirral is dominated by Liberal Democrat and Labour Members.

Some Liberal Democrats voted against the dreadful proposals, joining the Conservative minority.   But, alas, all Labour Members voted “aye”.

The Conservatives in the Wirral have promised that, if elected in forthcoming bi-elections, they will reverse all the decisions on these 11 libraries.  In this, the Conservatives in the Wirral have been hailed nationally as heroes and all those who voted for these swingeing cuts, condemned.

Supporters of Old Town Library agree that the Conservatives in the Wirral were heroes and anticipate that all Swindon’s Council Members will emulate them, thus ensuring that our own library network is preserved intact and setting a very fine example to the rest of the nation.  I invite all those in the Chamber to give a resounding three cheers to our own Conservative Members who will protect and preserve Swindon's library network : "Hip hip"  "Hooray," Hip hip"   "Hooray,"  "Hip hip"  "Hooray".

Cabinet Response

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