Council Meeting : 30 April 2009



An earlier question from a member of the public mentioned a 'leaked document' they had seen with a figure for the cost of borrowing a book from their library.  Everyone gives us different facts and figures.  It's a shambles.  I call for an immediate independent review of all the libraries, for its results to be made public and that it form the basis of a proper Plan for Libraries.

Response from Councillor Nick Martin :

There will be a review which will be carried out by a consultant we will pay for.

Supplementary Question :

Can Councillor Martin please confirm that no libraries will be closed until that review is completed ?

Response from Councillor Nick Martin :

The review will take place after the current consultation exercise has been completed, not prior to the decision to be made on those libraries, and will focus on 2010 and the way forward from there.

[The responses from Councillor Martin are reported here from memory and not from written notes]

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