Message of Support from Anne Snelgrove MP
at the Presentation of your Petition to the Mayor of Swindon


10 February 2009

I'd like to say first that I wish I could be here with you today handing over this petition which
is a fantastic show of support for Old Town Library and its dedicated staff.

Old Town Library offers a wonderful service to local people of all ages who may otherwise
miss out on literary classics, the new Harry Potter book or the chance to surf the web for
the first time.

To ensure that the library is able to continue to be at the heart of the Old Town community we
need qualified professionals running it.  The people of Old Town deserve a high quality local library that offers personal
service in a convenient location.

Shirley and the other campaigners have worked tirelessly to pursue this Council for clear answers about the future
of Old Town Library and it's about time the Council decide.