Too Much Cheese

By Annika Bell

"A little piece of Cheddar is very tasty,"  said
the famous chef
who swears a lot
before we go to bed

"It garnishes a salad,   goes well
with macaroni
It's full of calcium and things which
make your body boney"

I must admit that I prefer
A running slice of Brie  .....  or,
when I have the money,
some Stilton for my tea

But when we're feeling poorer
then Edam is quite nice
It's cheaper than the others and
a lot for half the price

You'll guess we went to Tesco's,
as Waitrose we eschew
Although we'll pop there once or twice
a month for Danish Blue

I blame the chef for starting this
by talking about Cheddar
For now our fridge is stuffed with cheese
which isn't very clever

                                                                                 The End