Buried Treasure

By Annika Bell

We buried Treasure in the garden
At the bottom, by the wall
He was not,  I beg your pardon,
A very useful pet at all

Yet we felt his loss so much
We made a coffin out of wood,
From some bits of rabbit hutch
And laid him in it,  with some food

Then we spoke of Treasure's life
Of all he did,  and did not  do
He'd never had a flopsy wife
Nor sired a furry child or two

He'd never run across the fields
Nor darted, panting, down a burrow
Or missed a tractor's heavy wheel
Whilst hiding in a farmer's furrow

As I read the prayers out
And Robin said "Amen"
We thought our rabbit would be glad
To be so free again

Did we hear an angel's cry
Floating down from grey-blue sky ?
Perhaps it's Treasure laughing loud
On a rabbit warren cloud

The End