The Dum-Dum Bird

By Luke Pevreal

The Dum-Dum bird sits in the tree
Protecting its eggs and chewing a bee
The Dum-Dum bird leaves its comfy nest
To search for any tasty pests.

It scrapes the sky with its flame-coloured wings
And flies so high, it hears the Angels sing.
From its golden beak to its purple-blue tail
The Dum-Dum bird will never, never fail.

Dinosaurs roam the Earth below
But they can't catch the Dum-Dum ... 'cos they're way too slow.
Through his emerald eyes he spots his friend Dodo Dave
And he says:  "I saw you fight the Pterodactyl; that was very, very brave."

Thank you my friend, but I'm not as brave as you.
I can't fly up high to the Heavens, although I'd love to."
And Dave had a sad, faraway look in his eye
It was almost as if he knew his tragic end was nigh.

The Dum-Dum bird flaps his wings and raises his feet
"Bye-bye, Dave, I'm off to find tasty treats to eat."
The Dum-Dum bird prepares to fly
Up into the beautiful, big, open blue sky.

Suddenly, in the distance above
They see a small ball of light as bright as the sun
A Stegosaurus says, "What is that thing?   It's going to fall !"
Then a croc screams out:   "Oh no, it will kill us all !"

Then the Dum-Dum says "Don't give up on your hope just yet."
The croc replies "You're so superior to us -- you don't need to fret !"
Then all the animals ran amok
All they could do was hope, and pray for good luck.

The Dum-Dum bird returned to his eggs
He flew so fast with his wings and legs
And buried those eggs down deep in the ground
Then all panic was drowned   out by the meteor's shattering sound.

And as the meteor struck Earth, the Dum-dum bird died
His last though was of his babies who would surely survive.

Millions of years later, two brothers [named Bob and Enzo] dug under a tree
And found the two Dum-Dum eggs undamaged and safe as can be.
Then they hatched, and looked at their new carers
And looked up with love, thinking of the sounds of their long-lost parents.

The End