The Dum-Dum Bird

By William Crouch

If you go to deepest Norfolk
The place where folk live on the flat

You might hear a throaty cry
From a bird who's flying by.

Joined by groups of avid 'twitchers'
With their cameras, taking pictures,

You'll guess it's perched up in a tree
Though quite impossible to see.

Only Attenborough has filmed it
In the jungles of Peru

But, suddenly, his camera jammed
And, with a croak, away it flew

He says its beak is long and red
and lives in a four-poster bed

That, whilst its habits are fastidious,
All the ladies find it hideous

And, as it rarely leaves the sky,
Experts say it's 'camera shy'

Be patient, watch and wait for it
[  Your photo will be worth a bit  ]

And ..... if you see the Dum-Dum Bird,
Please give David "A" the word