Big, Hairy and Scary

By William Crouch

Don't go near the broom cupboard
There's something big in there
It's moving, sniffling, grunting
Sitting in its lair

It isn't me. It isn't Jane
We're outside in the hall
The creature is a scary thing
Behind the staircase wall

The clock behind us
Makes us jump
It strikes the hour of Ten
We're frightened of the heffalump
Who's stirring in his den

He's shut in there, but
Might get out, to
Eat us with a roar
So Jane, who's brave, has
Piled some chairs
Against the cupboard door

I get a biscuit from the tin
To pass it underneath
The monster eats it quietly
With his enormous teeth

Oh help!
We see along the floor
One toe is coming out
A hairy toe, with hairy claws
Jane gives the toe a clout

All terrified, we run to Mum, and
Crying tell her all
"Mum, come quickly! Come at once!
A monster's in the hall!"

You've made a mess, so clear it up,"
She says
Though smiling, too
"Can't you find yourselves a game?
Or something else to do?

The chairs removed,
The monster sleeps
His anger all in vain
As, with a snore, his anger seeps......

.....Until we're bored again