Old Town Library Integration with the Arts Centre :



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Old Town Library Integration with the Arts Centre - Improvements

New shelving and equipment - the library will have all new shelving and display equipment

More public internet access - 2 PNs instead of one - 1 in the library area and 1 in the cafe

Cafe - a new cafe and bar facility will be available during the day

Improved bookstock, better reflecting the current use - we will change the blance of the bookstock to improve the range of the most frequently used books. We will be buying some new books - let us know what you would like to see

The same staff for the same number of hours - we will provide 18 hours per week of staffed time, and the existing staff will be working at the new library.  But these hours will not necessarily be at the same days or times as now - we need to know when people would like to see staffed hours at the new library

Longer opening hours - the library should be open whenever the Centre is open, including evenings when shows are taking place and lunchtimes.  Extra hours over and above the 18 stafed hours will be on an unstaffed, self-service basis.

Better and bigger children's area with bright new furniture

Use of shared space to enable more, bigger and better events - especially author and children's events - we are looking forward to working with the Arts Centre to hold promotional events in the adjacent studio space, such as storytelling, talks, reader groups meetings, educational events for children, etc.

Studio Space - A new flexible 60-seater performance space will be available for hire.  We will be promoting a series of events/activities and would like to know what you would like to see this space used for.

Available to more people - the library will be accessible to anyone using the Centre for whatever reason and this should mean that more, and a wider range, of people use it