Arts Centre 'Library' :
Answers from Swindon's Planning Department


Answers from Planning Department (update : 13 April)

What are the dimensions of the 'flexible space' library ?

"From the drawings the area allocated for flexible space library and art gallery is just under 28 sq m.  This is in addition to the open plan cafe area where cafe seats and library shelves are indicated which is just under 70 sq m."

Why is there no detail of the layout?

"For the purposes of the planning application the internal fit out / shelving plan is not required.

"The internal remodelling itself falls outside of the scope of planning control, as they are works not affecting the external appearance.   Similary, the costs involved are not matters for consideration in the determination of this planning application.

The issue for the planning authority to consider is the impact of a library facility being operated from these premises."

How can I view the Plans?

"On line, there is a zoom facility located at the top of the page ( + and - ) that opens with the Drawings to enable them to be enlarged.   We do not have another way of making them available, other than in the office."