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Tally of Libraries
under Threat :

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CUTS coming for Swindon's Libraries

For a quick update on Swindon ,

Click here  to read : Swindon Advertiser : Letter (multiple signatories) - 'Cuts Risk to History' : 12th December 2013  and

here  to read : Save Old Town Library : Shirley's Question to Cabinet and Written Answer : 11th December  and

here for  Swindon Advertiser : 'Public Could Shape Future of Swindon Libraries in Proposed Consultation' : 7th December  

And see other recent Swindon Adver articles in our Archive

                                   Cartoon by Theresa McCracken

2015:  You will notice that this Website has not been updated for more than a year. That is because the threat to our library has been dormant. When or if there is a renewed threat, our Website will be refreshed!