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Tally of Libraries
under Threat :

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CUTS coming for Swindon's Libraries

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"Libraries "would have significantly reduced funding from the council and support will be given instead to parish councils and communities to run them themselves." - Draft budget

Cabinet - 10th February 2016  The council's Libraries Strategy will be looked at again.  Public consultation will be delayed until June 2016.  Please click on menu item 'Contact with Council' for a little more information.

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                                   Cartoon by Theresa McCracken

This website best viewed in 'Explorer' | 2016  -  There is now a new threat to Libraries in Swindon.     Please click on menu item  'Contact with Council and MP' to read NEW Questions and Answers - Cabinet, 10th February.   The Guardian : 'Is this the final chapter for Swindon's libraries as locals denounce 60% cuts?' : 9th February.   To view NEW letters and articles - please click on menu item 'Latest News'.